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Haydn & Stamitz

Haydn & Stamitz

    Ana de la Vega, Ramon Ortega Quero
    Trondheim Soloists




    Selbu Kirke, Trondheim, Norway


    Recording Producer / editor


    BBC Music Magazine

    Haydn made sure that, given the less-than universal availability of Lira Organizzatas, the solo parts could be played by flute and oboe, as they are here with bright elegance by Ana de la Vega and Ramón Ortega Quero, with the crisp horns, strings and continuo of the Trondheim Soloists, led by Geir Inge Lotsberg.


    Stamitz’s music is eminently competent and likeable but relies on stock progressions, sequences and passages in thirds in a way Haydn’s music specifically doesn’t…Both soloists and their accompanists, one of Norway’s leading chamber ensembles, are known from previous well-received recordings in these pages. They play all this undemanding music (for the listener, at least) with ideal pose and balance. 5-star review

    Playful lightness, a wide range of colours and a constantly healthy, i.e. never overdrawn vitality characterise these interpretations with Ana de la Vega, flute, Ramon Ortega Quero, oboe, and the Trondheim Soloists.

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