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I would be pleased to provide you with one of the following services! If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, feel free to contact me

The complete on-location audio recording

As a Tonmeister, I’m your perfect partner to deliver a complete audio recording on location. For a smaller setup, a one-man team, where I do the music production and the engineering myself, can be the perfect solution. For bigger projects like orchestra-recordings, I organise a complete recording-team with extra engineers or assistants.
Concerning technic, I’m working closely together with Polyhymnia International and maintain the highest technical standards.

As an independent Tonmeister, I can also perfectly fit in an existing team, taking over one aspect of the recording or broadcast (as specified in the following possibilities).

References: Johannes Moser, Alasdair Beatson, Ana de la Vega, Paul Rivinius, Calder Quartet…

Preparing Schubert

Recording Producing

As an independent recording producer, I take care of the musical supervision of a recording. This means I lead the recording, give feedback and take responsibility for the musical and sound quality. Together with the team, I will guarantee the best possible result and decide on which passages and which aspects to focus on during the performance. This workflow will make sure we finish the recording with good takes of every bar of the music. After the recording I take care of the postproduction and the editing, selecting the best takes and (together with the balance engineer) make the mix and do the mastering.

References: Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Russian National Orchestra, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Copenhagen Philharmonic, Orchestre Philharmonique Luxembourg…

Console at the Salzburger Festspiele

Balance Engineering

A good balance both sound-wise and musical, is critical to make a good performance sound excellent in the recording or live broadcast. As I study the score and discuss with musicians and conductors about their interpretation, I can guarantee a balance which supports their performance.

Try to see it from a photographer’s point of view: making a balance or mix is like playing with lights and lenses. When a photographer starts playing with the light, he can put accents and turn a picture into a piece of art.

References: Concertgebouw Orchestra, Bolshoi Theater, Orchestre Philharmonique Luxembourg, Salzburger Festspiele (Unitel/PolyCast)

Balance engineering for Kent Nagano in Hamburg

Balance engineering for Live-amplification

Classical music is very delicate to amplify. Not only because you are dealing with acoustical instruments which are made for playing in a natural concert-hall acoustic, the musical balance on stage also needs to be rebuild on the front-of-house system. My personal goal when I’m doing this, is to create a sound and balance that is as natural as the sound of a good recording. If you’re wondering what is a good recording to me, please consult the “Philosophy“-page.

References: Staatsorchester Hamburg (Kent Nagano)

Score-reading for the Wiener Philharmoniker

Score-advisor for video

A video-director in a concert-recording or concert-broadcast needs good cues to be able to make the good shots in the right moment. Not only timing is really important to make a logical program, also whom and what to show in the music, is something only good musicians can do. Since I’m working with orchestral scores almost every day, it’s a pleasure to help with this task.

References are: Wiener Philharmoniker, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Wiener Symphoniker.

Fighting the jetlag… Videodirector at CMF New York

Video recordings

If you need a complete video-recording, I can help you find the right solution. There are possibilities for all kinds of budget. From a 3-man team including audio and remote camera’s, to a full broadcast team with manned camera’s. I have been working in all parts of the team: technical supervisor, shader, camera-operator and even video-director. This experiences in all parts of the video- and audio-recording gives me the possibility to completely overview complex broadcast-setups and help you make the right decisions. I offer everything from consultancy to production and direction.

References: Chelsea Music Festival, Kamermuziekfestival Schiermonnikoog.