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A recording to be proud of

Philosophy of recording music

There are a lot of great audio engineers and recording producers. Everyone will tell you that they use the best possible microphones, the best electronics, gear, consoles and so on. My goal as a recording producer is to let you forget about all this technical stuff and focus on what matters: playing at your best and focussing on your personal interpretation. As a musician, I know very well what can improve someone’s playing, or what possibly could make a musician insecure and get stuck focusing on the wrong aspects. It’s not only a matter of hearing everything, but knowing how to use positive feedback in order to improve the performance. All the technical stuff and gear are my tools to serve the music and the musicians. Everything of course of the highest technical standards.

My favourite microphone? That would probably be like asking a painter which is his favourite brush. It totally depends on what you need it for, and what you want to achieve with it. Sometimes that will be a Neumann M50, sometimes a Schoeps MK4, in other cases maybe a 4006, MK41, KM130, MK8, MKH20 and so on. In other words, the microphones are there to make it possible to present the instruments and the music in the best possible way. And exactly like the brush of the painter, the most important thing is to know where you place it.

In my opinion, the best recordings have exactly the sound and acoustics which fit the repertoire. Balance should be optimised, so the listener gets the ability to discover as many aspects of the music as possible. Together with a good frequency spectrum and a natural sound of the instruments, all these aspects should make the listener forget that he’s actually listening to a recording, so he can purely enjoy the music, the performance, the acoustics and the sonority. If you close your eyes, it should be just like if the musicians are sitting in front of you and performing at their very best. That is my constant goal in every recording I make, no matter if the recording is made in stereo, surround or immersive formats. Feel free to consult my Portfolio and listen to my previous recordings!